In 2018 TOMA has begun the new phase of our humanitarian mission, establishing clean, consistent water sources. Living in the northeast of Colombia near the border with Venezuela is the Wayuu tribe. This region, known as the Guajira, is enduring severe drought causing significant suffering and loss of life. Much of their livestock has perished and agricultural production has all but disappeared. Child mortality rate is well above 50%. It is a true humanitarian crisis and unfortunately has been largely unnoticed by media and the outside world. This November we will return to establish wells for several Wayuu villages near Riohacha using simple but well-engineered reusable equipment. There are over a hundred villages that need clean water and it is our hope that we can drill several wells a year to improve the lives of the Wayuu people.


Currently we are planning for two trips that will take place in November of this year and March of 2019. Our goal for each trip is to drill three wells with an estimated expense of $5000 per well.

Our current forecasted budget needs:


6 Wells - approximately $30000

Gear, Supplies and Transportation: $5,000 per trip

TOTAL: $40,000

Many of you have supported TOMA for the past 20 years as we have provided medical, dental, educational, and solar assistance to thousands of tribal people in Venezuela, Panama, Brazil and Colombia. We are grateful and humbled by your spirit of generosity throughout the years. And we are looking forward to expanding our outreach to the Wayuu tribe by enabling their access to fresh water. It is our hope that you will continue to see the value in TOMA’s effort to improve health and wellness for tribal communities.

With gratitude,

Randall Green
Executive Director