TOMA 2020 Healthcare and Solar Projects

In January 2020 the TOMA team will return to the Sierra Nevada mountains in northeast Colombia to install our 13th and 14th solar projects for two village health posts. This is a new region for TOMA. It is remote with a high population and has many medical and dental needs. 

Taminaka is a Kogui community. It is a 6 -hour hike from the closest dirt road. This area encompasses 6 villages with 648 families. Over 1,733 people live in the area. We will install a solar system and a vaccine refrigerator plus a portable dental chair and accessories for the health post there.

Heading south from Taminaka we will hike seven hours through the mountains to Ati Gumake, an Arhuaca community in the Rio Palomino valley. There are four villages in this area with 193 families and a total population of 1,079. We will install another solar system and vaccine refrigerator for the Ati Gumake health post.

We are looking for your support to help us with these projects. Here is a summary of where the funds will be spent: 

  • 2 solar systems include 12 panels, 12 batteries, 2 inverters, 2 battery chargers, metal support structure, cables and accessories- $9,500

  • 2 vaccine solar refrigerators- $3,000

  • 1 portable dental office-$2,000

  • Transportation of the TOMA team from US to Colombia-$5,000

  • Trip supplies-$2,000

Total: $21,500

This is TOMA’s 24th year supporting tribal healthcare in South America. We are blessed to have had your support all these years. There are thousands of families from the Arhuaca, Kogui, Wiwa and Yanomami tribes that enjoy a much better quality of health and life thanks to your generosity. You have seen the value in TOMA’s mission to help children in the most remote and needy villages. 

We are very grateful for your caring and commitment to TOMA.